Classroom Valentine Box: Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube

My 7-year-old daughter, Izzy, had the most perfect idea for a Classroom Valentine Box: make a Rubik’s Cube version.  After telling her Aunt Kari all about it, Kari gave her a square box that she had just purchased at Michael’s Crafts. So, we set about to make a Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box.  Turns out it was pretty easy and the end results was just like Izzy expected.

How to Make a Rubiks Cube Box

Supply List:

Square Box (Michael’s Crafts)

Colored construction paper

Black Duct Tape

X-Acto Knife

Clear Packing Tape

Paper cutter or scissors


Step #1:  Cover the corners and edges of the box with black duct tape…or you can just spray paint the whole thing black.  (Izzy isn’t a fan of the fumes so we opted to use duct tape.) I put two strips vertically across each side and two strips horizontally across each side so NO white would show between the Rubik’s Cube squares.

Kids Valentine Box

Step #2:  Cut the construction paper into squares.  We measured the box and then divided by 3 and then subtracted a 1/4″…basically our squares ended up being 2.75″.  Cut 9 of each color.

Construction Paper Crafts for Kids

Step #3:  Grab a glue stick and glue on the squares.  Izzy’s box has a lid so we had to cut some extra pieces for the sides of the lid.  It was a pretty painless process though.  This is a little girl who needs everything perfect!

Easy Rubiks Cube Box

Step #4:  Cut a rectangle in the top for little Valentine’s to be placed into the Rubik’s Cube!

Step #5:  Izzy was afraid some of the paper squares might come off while taking it to school, so we covered the whole thing in clear packing tape.  Worked like a charm!

While I was out that night, my sweet girl thought her plain Rubik’s Cube box needed some personality so she created a little face for it!

Valentine Mailbox Rubiks Cube

POST BY: Becky Vandenberg

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