Crushing On: Concrete

For some, when they think of concrete, words like “cold”, “hard”, “industrial”, “uninviting” come to mind. While if this material is overused in a space it can potentially feel like that, concrete can be a wonderful material to use in a myriad of ways in your home. Here are some of the reasons I am crushing on concrete!

I just had to put these shelves first. They are too incredible not to! Concrete is a great neutral and mixes well with vintage as well as traditional items.

Image via Watson & Conolly

How unbelievably cool would concrete knobs be on a vintage dresser? I adore the mix of wood and concrete.

Image via Colorado Home Mag

Lighting is a fun and unexpected way to add concrete to your space. These light fixtures look gorgeous and smooth but a more bubbled texture would be awesome too.

Image via Elizabeth Stuart Design

What about a concrete lamp? This lamp is one of my favorite DIY concrete projects ever! I love the layers of tinted concrete. Perfection!

Image via Pneumatic Addict 

I don’t think I’ve ever met a planter I didn’t like, but this sweet concrete planter in a leather sling is just about perfect.

Image via Kinda Lovely

Speaking of concrete planters, I have loved these ones on my kitchen porch full of herbs. I am going to bring one in and build a wood base for it, because you know, I need another planter in my house 😉

Image via Stacy Risenmay

I bet you would be the only person in your hood to have concrete canisters! The neutral color and pretty round shape is sure to go with any decor style.

Image via Nordic House

I made some concrete vases which I use all the time. I love the mix of soft, feminine flowers with the hard concrete.

Vase tutorial

You guys! My jaw about hit the floor when I saw this DIY bathroom vanity. YES! It is a DIY!!! This is the perfect example of how concrete can be used in a big way and yet the space still feels warm, soft, and inviting.

Image via Heather Bullard

I picked this image because of the fun concrete clock, but I then noticed there are concrete chairs and a table. While I personally would choose one of the three instead of all three in one room, I think they are all fabulous.

Image via Yanko Design

Countertops and tabletops done in concrete are pretty popular. I love when they seamlessly fit into a space without sticking out like a sore thumb. This living room is the perfect example!

Image via Chango

So what do you think? Are you a fan of concrete? What was  your favorite example?

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