Eco-friendly gardening workshops

The disappearance of bees across de globe linked to the massive use of pesticides in agriculture is alarming. Therefore, retailers have a responsibility to provide customers with alternatives to chemical products and to give them the means to cultivate a natural garden, conducive to the development of the plants and its inhabitants.

In recent years, scientists have produced evidence proving how pesticides impact negatively on the environment: air, water, soil and the huge mortality rate for bees. The result is loss of biodiversity – and not to mention all the fears for human health because of the residues in our food and even in our drinking water.

So specialist stores and retailers have a responsibility to rethink their gardening departments and supply consumers, who want to reduce their environmental footprint, with a greater range of alternative products. Since the debate started in 2015 about the dangerousness of the herbicide ‘Roundup’, some retailers have withdrawn products containing glyphosate from sale.

Luxembourg’s leading retailer has gone even further to promote sustainable gardening: as well as continually expanding its range of products to include more and more eco-friendly products, Cactus is also inviting its customers to ‘natural’ gardening workshops. At these interactive workshops held in French and Luxembourgish, staff members who have been specially trained in sustainable gardening techniques and natural products will teach participants about good eco-gardening practice. In groups of about 20, workshop participants will learn how to care for their lawn and plants and about natural products and techniques to get rid of weeds.

So come and take a look at alternatives to chemicals with Cactus! The Cactus hobbi experts are looking forward to seeing all ambassadors of eco-friendly gardening at their next interactive workshops on 2 and 16 June 2018 at Cactus hobbi Belle Etoile and the Cactus hobbi Bascharage. Further information and registration for the workshops.

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