Painted Flag Window Tutorial

DIY American Flag Painted Window

Hi Everyone!!! I am Stacie…the crazy woman behind The Creative Crate, and I can’t believe it…but Kari has asked me to be her guest blogger for today!

I just LoVe sharing ideas, and meeting all of the awesome crafters out there who share the same passion as me! Speaking of ideas…. here is another one that I recently made! Check It Out!!

Painted Glass Window Tutorial


Start off with any old window you might have…

I printed a star on some card stock from my computer…and cut it out with an x-acto knife…

then cut out your stencil…

start stenciling on your stars first on the wrong side and the wrong corner of your window…so that when you flip your window over…the stars will be on the right side…
I just used regular ol’ craft paint. Be sure not to use too much on your brush…or your stars will bleed under the paper and look messy. Don’t worry…you don’t have to be perfect…that’s what I love about it!
Wait for the stars to completely dry…then LIGHTLY (with ton of paint loaded on your brush) wipe your blue background over top of the stars. Don’t go over the same spot when the blue paint is wet…because it will wipe your stars away…believe me…it happened to me. oops! You can do more coats of blue after the first layer is completely dry!

Then…paint on your stripes!!!………..

I did about 2 coats of paint on each of the colors…….

Then when it is dry…I just sprayed mine with a clear spray paint to seal the paint. I don’t think it will completely keep it “scratch proof” but it will help!

And there you have it! Very easy…and Very CuTe!! HaVe FuN!!

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