Warming Up The Kitchen

When I added the open shelving in the kitchen and painted the ceiling I had plans to also paint the cabinets and add new window coverings. Other things too priority and the kitchen fell by the wayside. When LEVOLOR contacted me, I was excited to push the kitchen back to the top of my to-do list. I knew that adding bamboo shades would warm up my kitchen!

Natural blinds add warmth to a space!

You all know I am a huge fan of bringing natural things inside since I wrote a whole book about it (Natural Accents), so I knew I wanted natural shades. Jute, bamboo, grasses, and reeds are great materials to consider. I ended up going with bamboo shades. You can see the exact one I chose on the LEVOLOR site here.

natural blinds

The reason I switched from the white plastic blinds that were here when we moved in to curtains was due to the cords. I hated the look of the dangling cords and they can be a safety concern as well. I LOVE that these don’t have and rods or cords. Simple pull them down or gently push back up. SO NICE!

natural blinds

natural bamboo blinds warm up the space

I liked the fact that the old curtains were white and thin enough to allow some light in even when they were closed to give us privacy. I didn’t like that the white color blended in with the walls and did nothing visually for the space. I decided to choose a white semi-transparent liner so I could have the best of both. When pulled down, they provide privacy, warmth, and still allow light through. They do have other options in case you want to darken a room like in a bedroom.

natural blinds with transpaprent backing

I am really happy with what these shades have done for the space and I am considering them for the basement windows as well.

levolor natural blinds

Do you have natural shades? What are your favorite kind of window treatments? 

This post was sponsored by LEVOLOR but all opinions and ideas are my own.

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