Watering Container Plants: Everything You Need to Know | 💦🌱

Watering Container Plants: Everything You Need to Know | 💦🌱

When it comes to houseplants and container gardening, the most common questions I get ALWAYS revolve around watering:

– How much water do my plants need?
– How often should I water?
– Am I overwatering?

I decided to put this video out to give you a “watering framework” so you understand how all of the different variables in your environment affect your watering schedule. From air, light, pot type, soil mix, and even specific plants…it all affects how much you should water.

Hopefully this guide helps you learn how to solve your watering problems in the garden. I also include a self watering system you can insert into the bottom of your plant pots to convert any pot into a self-watering pot. 🙂


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Thanks to Hydrobox, makers of smart watering inserts for containers of all shapes and sizes. Convert your containers into self-watering ones by hydrating and inserting a Hydrobox in the bottom of the pot, then watering in well.

→ Hydrobox at Home Depot: https://www.homedepot.com/s/hydrobox?NCNI-5
→ https://gohydrobox.com/


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